Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoes and guns....

So yesterday morning,  I wake up and for the 10th day I am wondering where my son's new semi automatic uzi bb guns have disappeared to.  The ones I paid for,  the ones that cost $17. EACH.  

And should I mention the fact that 5 days ago his new School Sketchers disappeared.  So, la te da,  my morning goes on as usual no please or thank you just make me breakfast, did you make my lunch and the crap that goes along with that.
And then and then....The shit hit the fan.  My beautiful and loving son          ( please hear the sarcasm in that. )  Tells me I should buy him new shoes because....Wait for it....wait for it......I can't find his old ones.  Oh, this is one of those times that it is better that I wasn't being monitored.  Oh,  it was not a proud parenting moment.......I lost it.  let me just say that it takes a lot for me to lose it, but after hours and hours of searching the house and yard, for days mind you, and I couldn't find either one.  And to ask me to go buy new $50 sneakers because you can't remember where you took them off........I saw RED
I was throwing furniture (well, sliding it with great vilosity across the floor.)  And screaming very not nice words at my son...."Me, I need to find them! Where the ******did you put them, since when is it my job to keep track of your sneakers"......etc.

The kids slunk out of the house to wait for the bus, and I continued to throw garbage, be it the recycles and stuff piled for junk day across the house.  I was so angry.  I can tell that  my blood pressure is still up, not my best parenting moment!
They left, I calmed down, went to work and when I came home I decided to check the bushes and shrubs in the yard again.  This is when I found his uzi's in the dirt under some pachysandra, under the lilac bush.  I was so happy, I wanted to jump for joy.  I went and picked up my children at school and told my son that I found his guns and then stated, YOU WILL NOT GET THEM BACK UNTIL I SEE YOUR SHOES.  

To my amazement, and dismay suddenly he remembered he left them outside in some weeds by the wood pile....He pointed to the exact spot....

Can you see why I was seeing RED!

Monday, September 26, 2011

getting more people to read

I sometimes want more people to read what I write, an sometimes it is enough to just get it out there.  This week will be crazy for me so I should have a few antidotes to put out there.

I am amazed at peoples parenting skills, or should I say lack there of.  I am going to try and be sarcastic and truthful here, so everyone beware:

How is it that people feed their children crap and call it a good diet, sucking the juice out of an orange and not eating it, is not eating an orange, that is drinking a glass of juice, with no fiber/pulp.  Just because it is good for you does not mean you can eat 7 pound of it for goodness sake, stop eating!

My children school me in school all the time.  Monopoly jr yesterday became a math lesson, and I was told I am doing my math wrong.  'A serving is not that large, Mom', I am told (nutrition) .  The excrement (experiment) should be like this.........They are so funny.  Oh, and we had PE they carried some small rocks to the stream they worked together and had team work to make the 5 gallon bucket get to the stream!

I can't state how much I hate the basic American diet.....SUGAR AND STARCH......do we really wonder why we are all over weight, really!

I think I need to work on making it one subject a day to make this blog better....off to walk the dog, clean, make lunches, do the laundry, go to "work" come home, tutor, make dinner, and sew patches on for the scouts.....Just a slow day here in my private hell................

Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to school

last night I went to back to school night, which was what it is, parents socializing and teacher preaching.  I really like my daughters teacher.  He is young and full of inovative ideas and seems really with it. 

My son's teacher seems good too, but he is getting to that age where they seem to start splitting off the high achievers from the lower one and I think he knows it.  He is really smart, last time his IQ was tested he had an overall score of 116 with a high in perceptual reasoning at 136.  His working memory is in the 90's so it all evened out to college material... He is stuck with some kids that are, no so bright.  I am working on not saying bad things about other kids, but for the first time he is in class with some kids that I know are stupid.  Now not all the kids in the class are dull tacks, ..............Oh there I go making fun of people, judging them........  I find out next week from the therapist what she thinks of Liam and his progress.............I am a wreck until then...funny.....

My daughter wanted to look like Sam from iCarly...so we had her hair curled for picture day, it is so damp out the curls keep falling.....I hope they stay and some sort of higher power is going to have to guide me through the next few years of school,because I am getting way too cynical!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HUmor..... huh...I seemed to lose it somewhere...

So my seance of humor comes and goes and I keep telling myself, if I survived my childhood, I can help my children through theirs.....people judge people.  This is something I know in my heart, but several people I know act as if they do not judge anyone, come on, we all judge.  We all move in the same circles, we all judge.  We might not like to admit we do it, but we all do it.  So funny......

I have lost 27 pounds and I feel like I am the only one who can see my weight loss...the funny part is, my biggest supporter, looks at me and I can see it...I can see the judging that I should have lost more..be proud!!!!!!!!!!

Education:  we all have thoughts on it, my biggest thought, leave me alone and I will leave you alone.  I know I judge people, I think the biggest part of a child's education in the public schools or in any type of school setting is having people around you that DO NOT BELIEVE the same things you do.  You can then look, see, judge and make an assesment of how to deal with this person, type of person or religion.  Humor......huh.....

A child came to our house and came up to me and said Mrs. *** your son said Christmas is about Santa in this house.  Tell him that isn't true.  I said, Christmas is about Santa in this house.  The look of shock on the child's face was priceless.....I mean really, you want to celebrate religion do it, but to say solstice is anything other than a winter calibration is bunk.  Jesus was born in August.....

Oh no, my religous friends are rolling over saying, how can she take away from Christmas......look, we are all allowed to do what we want so there.....Judge that.....

I love life today.  Keep it coming, I am going to try and post something funny and sunny that the kids so daily....By the way, both of my kids get up at 6 now to spend time with me before school, or is it to have TV time before school....

I love being off FB!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I am working on getting my sense of humor back.  Being off of FB and unfriending about 100 people helped.LOL.  Any way, I have been enjoying speaking to people again,  so if you want to hear from me,, give me a jingle.  
Oh yes, I almost forgot the reason for my 5 am post.    I am a mutant and so is my son.    Wait for it......No really.  We have a mutated gene strand.  Actually a balanced translocation of the right leg og genes 4 and 20.....
So move over xmen.....I am a mutant and so is my son.  Here we come!

And I have a new dishwasher..!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday oh Thursday

So I guess all of you are right, I should take what I can dish, well sometimes I can and sometimes I can't.  Right now my FB account is finally on pause.  I deleted the fat post.  It is not worth it.  I want to be happy and saying mean things does not help that, well, neither does people being mean to me.  I have been freaked out over that post for 3 days now, and am getting ready to go have blood taken from me as a result. 

No really, you read that right.  I am so worked up I am having blood work done.  I, just don't know what to say anymore, everything that comes out of my mouth other than hows the weather pisses someone off and with all the rain lately that is pissing people off too. 

What I think is going on is per-menopause or something like that.  I can't regulate my temperature, my thoughts are all whacked out and I don't want to listen to anyone.

So I am back to the old fashion use of the phone, and by the way had 4 long phone conversations with people yesterday, look what happens when you stop using FB and start living life!

check out this video

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Morning

Lately I have been not in a good humor, oh well, I guess it couldn't last.  Everything I say people take too seriously, I am barking at people when I think I am not, I am on the verge of tears daily hourly.  I am a wreck.   My dog has flees, my son's room is half done, my husband is well, he is my husband.  He tries, oh I know he does.....I am just too intolerant of anyone and anything.

I love life, but not today!  be well, hopefully I will be well too...............